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The Krr Krr Night

Sat January 18, 2020 | 1 hour
Adishakti Theatre


A bouquet of graphic art by Malavika PC

This is an event that lights the third lantern of The Krr Krr Graphic Arts Festival initiated by artist MPC. The night holds a pop up exhibition, a performance and a special dinner – at Adishakti.

The first was Vanam – an exhibition of 16 paintings and special dinner by Chef Vijhay & MPC at Maiyam Past Food in Kuyilapalayam.
The second was Kudai Kaalam – Canopy Season, a collaborative installation of Manushi’s Tamil poetry, Chef Vijhay’s dinner and artist MPC’s typography at 150 year old Thumbai House in Edayanchavadi. Both venues can be visited – on appointment – till March 2020.

It is an extra special evening because through the years Adishakti has inspired, influenced, fed and nurtured this artist. Some of the key visual ideas and threads to be seen on the 18th of January were first pondered on, fleshed out and or revisited – within the campus of Adishakti. The artist and the art works are eagerly waiting to share their findings with friends, family and food under the cheerful and spirited trees of Adishakti.

The exhibition features a pop up with innumerable examples of work made while exploring graphic art through picture books from The Krr Krr Project by MPC. It will be a selected display in the form of paintings, drawings, prints, blocks, accordions, calligraphy, maquettes, collages, posters, comics, photographs, manuscripts, installations, sketch books, studies, stationery, tools, notes, practices, 2 abstract offset printed picture books and a selection of drawings from precious workshops that propelled the course of the works made. 

The performance is an experiment called The Ringarotus based on 3 hand painted large scale picture books. It explores the ways in which the eyes are habituated to pause, capture and make meaning while asking – then how moves the hand? It explores the idea of studying length and abstractions in picture books. 

The Krr Krr Project was made possible from an Arts Practice Grant from the India Foundation for the Arts, Bengaluru to MPC in 2017. She lives and works from her studio near Auroville. 

The special dinner is by Maiyam Past Food – a concept restaurant where time honoured insights and techniques in cooking are explored while paying attention to the fact that our times and traditions are constantly evolving. Its dishes are inspired, expressed and served 

in a manner to surprise and excite our palettes through nourishing organic flavours, handpicked from home grown soils. The choice for the special dinner menu comes from a selection of recipes that Chef Vijhay of Maiyam Past food & artist MPC have enjoyed cooking together. 

Maiyam Special Dinner Menu: 

On the house: 

Drink – Chilly Infusion Snack – Crisps with a charred brinjal dip and a Gusti Salad 

8:30 pm onwards – Five Course Dinner on reservation at +91 99016 65111

Special Dinner Menu: 

Sweet – Steamed Red Banana with Buffalo Butter garnished with Roasted Sesame seeds. 

Soup — Bottle Gourd Soup garnished with roasted garlic and coriander 

Starter — Pan Roasted Paneer wrapped and marinated in Pandan Leaf 

Main Course — Rajamudi Rice served with Vatha Kuzhambu, Vadaam and Tempered Banana stem 

Ending with – Aged Tamarind, Black Salt & Jaggery wrapped in Young Guava Leaf. 

40 Dinners Available.


Malavika PC and Maiyam