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Lakshmi Holmström
by on August 4, 2016 in Soma Milligrams

Lakshmi Holmström giving a talk about Kambar Ramayana and her about Ahalya as a part of Adishakti’s Ramayana project.

Lakshmi Holmström was a writer and translator. She has translated short stories, novels and poetry by the major contemporary writers in Tamil.

Her most recent books are Fish in a Dwindling Lake, a translation of short stories by Ambai (2012); A Second Sunrise, poems by Cheran, translated and edited by Lakshmi Holmström & Sascha Ebeling (2012); Wild Girls, Wicked Words, a translation of poems by four Tamil women (2012). In a time of Burning, a translation of another collection of poems by Cheran, was published by Arc Publications in 2013. This won an English PEN award. In 2000 she received the Crossword Book Award for her translation of Karukku by Bama; in 2007 she shared the Crossword-Hutch Award for her translation of Ambai’s short stories, In a Forest, a Deer; and she received the Iyal Award from the Tamil Literary Garden, Canada, in 2008. She was one of the founding trustees of SADAA (South Asian Diaspora Arts Archive).

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