Nangiar Koothu
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Nangiar koothu _ Ashokavanikaankam

Nangiar koothu is the traditional name of the koothu performance of a female member (Nangiar) of the Chakkiar community, the koothu performers. Like the better-known Chakyarkoothu, one of the oldest classical arts of Kerala, the Nangiarkoothu is also presented in the traditional temple theatre, the Koothambalam or Koothupura.

This is a solo dance drama mainly centered on the legends of Lord Krishna. Verses are sung and interpreted through mime and dance. The mudras though the same as in Kutiyattam, are even more elaborate. Movements, gestures and facial expressions which have their origin in Natyasastra.

The performance is accompanied with Mizhavu (a percussion instrument) and Ilathalam (cymbals).

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