Ravan chhaya
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The shadow puppet theatre of Odisha is known as Ravan Chhaya .The theme of Ravan Chhaya, literally,’ the Shadow of Ravan’ is the story of Rama. It is named after Ravan as it is believed that Rama, a divine and illuminated being, does not cast a shadow.

Ravan Chhaya was popular all across Angul and Dhenkanal districts of Odisha in the late nineteenth century, but at present it is practiced only in Odash village of Angul district.
Ravan Chhaya Natya Sansada, one of the premier shadow puppetry institution of Odisha was established in the year 1982 by late guru Kathinanda Das.

The Sansada, a registered cultural society has devoted itself for the preservation, propagation and promotion of the rare traditional art. It maintains a full repertory group of performances and imparts training to youngsters in puppet making, designing, manipulation techniques and music.

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