Anoop Davis

Anoop DavisAnoop Davis has a background in 3D & 2D animation, audio/video editing, web-archiving, and graphic design. He has completed his BCA, and is currently studying for an MBA.

Anoop joined Adishakti in 2008 as an archivist, and has a month’s training from the NFSC in archiving. He is also currently training as a performer. He loves his ukelele and bicycles, and is the favourite of all the dogs on the Adishakti campus!

Anoop operates the lights for the Adishakti productions The Hare and The Tortoise, Rhinoceros, Ganapati, and The Tenth Head, and is part of the team that performs Impressions of Bhima.  Anoop also created the animations used in The Tenth Head.

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