Apoorva Arthur

Apoorva Arthur Apoorva Arthur completed her Honours in English from Christ University, Bangalore. During this time, she did an internship and started volunteering at Ranga Shankara theatre in Bangalore. She was at Ranga Shankra for two years as a part of the programming team, and organised the Summer Express (children’s workshops), and was the project manager in 2010 and 2011. She has worked with government schools in Bangalore, spreading theatre awareness. She has also led a workshop at Mindtree, which was under the Summer Express project of 2011. Her first formal training as an actor was at Adishakti in 2011. The same year, she also completed the advanced workshop at Adishakti. In 2012 she directed two Children’s plays in KMC. She participated in the National School of Drama workshop under Mr. Kanhailal in Manipur and Assam. Apoorva is now a resident artist at Adishakti, and is training and learning from her mentors here. She operates the sound for Adishakti’s production, Nidrawathwam and is part of the cast in Adishakti’s productions, Ganapati and The Tenth Head. she is currently working with the rest of the Adishakti team on Veenapani’s Chawla’s next production, Sita.

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