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An excerpt from the Indian epic -Ramayana, Adishakti’s Bali is a retelling of the various events that lead up to the battle between Bali, the ruler of Kishkindha and Ram, the King of Ayodhya and eventually, the death of Bali. Here, the writer has tried to explore the notion of right or wrong through its various characters.Through this play, we explore how one evaluates this notion and, how it can change when each and every character is given an opportunity to voice thoughts and opinions.

The Indian epics -Ramayana and Mahabharata-have shaped our country’s politics, arts and culture. Its stories have been retold and its characters reimagined in many ways through various retellings, which have been a part of the literary and performative traditions in India. Each retelling has challenged the traditional narrative by subverting the dominant versions of the text to throw light on various other interpretations. Often, these interpretations strongly reflect the writer’s subjective preferences with respect to her identity and ideologies.

The play weaves multiple stories through the point of views of Bali, Tara, Sugreeva, Angadha, Ram and Ravan and talks about how each of them make decisions and take actions based on the ethics that define their lives.

The play gives its audience a space for introspection – to take a step back and detach ourselves from our dominant ideologies and rigid identities to understand different perspectives. Will relativism answer our questions? Where do we draw the lines? We leave it to you to decide.

Cast and Credits

Bali: Vinay Kumar
Other Characters: Arvind Rane, Rijul Ray, Kiyomi Mehta & Ashiqa Salvan
Sound Design:  Vinay Kumar
Sound Operation: Meedhu Miriyam
Lights Design: Vinay Kumar
Lights Operation: Anand Satheendran
Production: Apoorva Arthur
Documentation:  Anushka Meenakshi & Iswar Srikumar
Writer & Director: Nimmy Raphel
Creative Guidance: Vinay Kumar and Anmol Vellani

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