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Adapted by Vinay Kumar from Sara Joseph’s Malayalam play “Bhoomirakshasam”

Bhoomi sees an attempted conversation between polar world’s or rather very different positions. The play sees two artists, a director and her actor, located very differently in their personal journeys engaging with questions around gender, violence on gendered bodies, retribution and resolution.

Their dissonances- resonances with each other and independent trajectories is what the play looks at. What happens when the creative premise you are working on breaks out of the realm of art and play and stares you in the face as your reality. What do you do when your art starts speaking back to you, taking on a life of its own and stumping you with questions you are not equipped to respond to? When a resolution seems impossible,even as the situation seems to be demanding it with a sense of urgency?

How do you really respond to a severe absence of answers?

Cast and Credits

Performers: Vinay Kumar, Nimmy Raphel, Arvind Rane, Ashiqa Salvan, Meedhu Miriyam, Sooraj S

Lights Designed by Vinay Kumar
Lights Played by Subodha Subrahmanya
Lights Assistant  & Production Management by aPH

Music Composed by Vinay Kumar
Music Played by All Performers

Costumes Designed by Adishakti Team
Tailored by Manian Tailors, Pondicherry