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Kumbakarna and Lakshmana, brothers discount clomid to the two protagonists Ravana discount clomid and Rama of the Ramayana, are connected by boons that dramatically alter their cycles of sleep and wakefulness. In the course of time, both boons seem to acquire cheap canada generic levitra the dimensions of a curse, as they each have an uncomfortable outcome.

Although Kumbakarna enjoys his cheap canada generic levitra wakeful moments, there comes a point when sleep overcomes him again, interrupting this wakefulness. Prematurely roused from his ordained period of sleep and then killed in battle, he is so bewildered that he does not know whether
he is dreaming of his death or is in fact already dead.

Lakshmana’s loss of sleep on the other hand enables him to empower his regular actions with incredible fluid effortlessness. His conundrum lies in the unspecified nature of his
boon and its potential long-term consequences.

We women viagra meet up with Kumbakarna and Laxmana on the battlefield where they discuss the unfortunate consequences of their respective boons, until the fatal end.

Cast and Credits

Performer: Nimmy Raphel
Text Support: Arvind Rane
Lights: Vinay Kumar
Music Mixed and Composed: Vinay Kumar
Sound operation: Apoorva Arthur
Creative Guidance: Veenapani Chawla
Script & Direction: Nimmy Raphel

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