Our Festivals

Curating a festival is Adishakti’s way of exchanging ideas, celebrating, disseminating and expanding the work and vision of our founder, late Veenapani Chawla.

Remembering Veenapani Festival

The 6th edition is all set to takeoff from 5th to 12th April 2020

What started as a spontaneous celebration of Veenapani’s life and work immediately after her death has grown into an annual event, the Remembering Veenapani festival. It is now looked forward to by performing arts communities across the country and many parts of viagra online purchase the world.

5th April, Sunday – Moonshine & Skytoffee by Perch from Chennai

6th April, Monday – Karagattam by Alternative Media Centre from Chennai

7th April, Tuesday – The Threshold by Bindumalini & Pallavi MD from Bangalore

8th April, Wednesday – Elephant In The Room by The Next Stage from Mumbai

9th April, Thursday – Lullaby, Stranger by Shapeshift from Mumbai

10th April, Friday – The Little Prince by Indianostrom from Pondicherry

11th April, Saturday – Spirit-Logic-Music-Magic by Konarak Reddy & Roberto Narain from Bangalore

12th April, Sunday – Nothing Like Lear by Cinematograph from Mumbai

Your contribution on our crowdfunding platform will only help us make this festival even more memorable for both performers and our audience.

Remembering Veenapani - April 2019

Remembering Veenapani - Feb 2018

Remembering Veenapani - Feb 2017

Remembering Veenapani - Feb 2016

Remembering Veenapani - April 2015

Winter Festival

In 2003 Adishakti began to curate it’s Winter Workshop. This programme brought together a Koodiyattam performer, a Noh performer, poets, musicians, cultural psychologists, philosophers, film makers, actors – so as to investigate how each of these, views or uses, ‘breath’ as a source of expression.

Ramayana Festival

The three-year Ramayana festival programme was to provide the traditional / folk/ contemporary performer with a new approach to an old text and thereby compel her to recreate her performance language, making it aesthetically accessible to a contemporary world. And release new knowledge and rescue an old cultural symbol from being suffocated by “purism”.

Today from out of this programme have emerged three Adishakti Productions: Nidrawathwam, The Hanuman Ramayana, and The viagra online purchase Tenth Head. Two others evolved, viagra cost with prescription Sita and Luv & Kush.

Vachika Project