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Recognised as one of the theatre pioneers in contemporary India, she engaged in creating a unique performance methodology.
Adishakti productions vividly bring together dance, movement and emotional craft, integrated into one performance language.
Adishakti is a vibrant hub where people from all over the world come to conduct their residencies or develop their work.
How can you maintain freshness in your performance? That's what we equip you to deal with in our actor training sessions.
Research and re-animation of traditional and folk knowledges in all art forms, to evolve new performance vocabulary.
An effort to encourage as well as support artists to turn their ideas into a scripted theatre production on Adishakti campus.
Adishakti’s way of exchanging ideas, celebrating and disseminating the vision of our founder, late Veenapani Chawla.
Looking for a quiet getaway from your city home? Come, stay at our beautiful campus with heritage style guesthouses.
Adishakti team is determined to achieve the self-sustainability that Veenapani had pushed for all her life.
Experts to give an in-depth understanding various specialised disciplines in various aspects of performance.
To build confidence amongst parents and mentors of the new generation from all backgrounds, to believe that art can be a profession.
Our friends, collaborators and supporters share overwhelming testaments with us


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