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The Sir Ratan Tata Koothu Kovil

The Sir Ratan Tata Koothu Kovil

Theatre circles in in every city across this country begin to buzz when they hear that an Adishakti production is coming to town. …. No one who cares about contemporary theatre in India today willfully misses an Adishakti production.

– Arshia Sattar , E-Rang Fortnightly Theatre Journal, Issue 95.

There is no other group like – Adishakti – certainly there hasn’t been since what we call Modern Indian Theatre began.

Girish Karnad, The Hindu, May 20, 2014


Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts & Research is a site on the outskirts of Pondicherry, and a performing arts company engaged in creating performances, researching genres and disciplines and creating processes and performance methodologies. Our team comprises writers, directors, actors, musicians, dancers, and performers of various art forms. Our findings are disseminated to a diverse community of artistes, academicians, writers, architects, and others through workshops, seminars, residencies, and master classes. We host retreats and sabbaticals that reach across cultures, geography, concerns, and genres. And thus engage with many visitors to our campus, who come from all over the world and from a dazzling variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

These activities reflect our primary concern: the creation of new knowledge towards new creativity, by bridging different times, spaces and disciplines.

A video on Adishakti by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)


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