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What’s Coming Up


Sun April 5 - Sun April 12, 2020

Remembering Veenapani Festival 2020

Adishakti’s annual performance festival in memory of Veenapani’s life and work

Fri March 20 - Sun March 22, 2020

Dance Residency by Malavika Sarukkai

Dance Residency by Malavika Sarukkai

Mon March 9 - Sun March 15, 2020

Sound Healing Training 2020

Principles and Concepts of Therapeutic Music & Sound Healing

Sat February 29 - Sun March 1, 2020

Truth & Lies

To investigate the disturbing fact that the distinction between facts, fictions and fakes has blurred in our post-truth times.

Wed February 12 - Tue February 18, 2020

21st Bharat Rang Mahotsav

International Annual Festival by NSD, Delhi also taking place in Adishakti Theatre

Sat February 1 - Sun February 9, 2020

Sourya Soul – dance retreat

Surya Soul Dance Retreat organized by Surya Soul. Open to dancers from all over the world.

Mon January 27, 2020

Run: A Music Concert

A Musical ensemble by the Adishakti team with a cello and percussion.

Sat January 18, 2020

The Krr Krr Night

a pop up exhibition, a performance and a special dinner – at Adishakti.

Sun January 5 - Sun January 12, 2020

Sound Healing Journey to India

The first sound healing certificate program combining Vocal Yoga with instrumental sound healing.

Fri December 27, 2019


Adishakti’s Nidravathwam is about Kumbakarna and Lakshmana, brothers to Ravana and Rama, who are connected by boons that dramatically alter their cycles of sleep and wakefulness.

Tue December 17 - Sat March 7, 2020

baseCollective Residency

Truth and Lies, Aesthetic Practices in Times of Fake-News”, a three month residency organized by baseCollective from Austria.

Mon December 16, 2019


Adishakti’s Bali is a retelling of the various events that lead up to the battle between Bali, the ruler of Kishkindha and Ram, the King of Ayodhya.

Sun December 8, 2019


Adishakti’s Brhannala draws on the episode in the Mahabharata in which the exiled hero Arjuna spends one year in the guise of a woman. The play dramatizes the consequences that accompany a dissolution of all rigid binary oppositions.

Fri December 6 - Sat December 7, 2019


Adishakti’s Ganapati is an interpretation of the birth stories related to the myths of Ganapati, the elephant headed god.

Mon November 25 - Sat December 7, 2019

Dum Phukt Writing Workshop

A two-week, in-residence workshop for fiction writers ready to take their work seriously. Only Thirteen seats available.