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This year we have an amazing array of artists and performers who will be part of the 9 day long celebration in fond memory of our Guru and Founder Veenapani Chawla. The festival is from April 5-13, 2023. All shows are at 7p.m and Free entry.Donations are welcome. We also begin our new section Adishakti Gupshup - an evening interaction with the artists and performers on their creative journeys, at 6 p.m.


We are excited to host CADAL FEST 2022 -Celebrating Adivasi Arts and Literature at our campus from December 16-20, 2022

The aim, in the CADALFEST series, is to bring people from different walks of life together, sharing perspectives, enjoying themselves and learning from each other. Creativity and empowering energy channelled through the folk and performing arts productions will take centre stage— the horrors of casteism should not be ignored but the joy of togetherness, limitless creativity and social empowerment strategies should come to the forefront in a much more visible way.

Registrations are open for workshops and sessions. please write to adishaktiprogram@gmail.com or whatsapp at 6383070833.

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Thu February 9 - Thu January 12, 2023

Bali in Mumbai

Bangalore, School of Drama (Thrissur), Ala (Ernakulam) – A show tour of Adishakti’s Bali, written & directed by Nimmy Raphel

Sat January 14 - Sun January 15, 2023

Tragedy of Abhimanyu, January ‘23

A Therukoothu play staged by Indianostrum at our amphitheater.

Sun January 1 - Tue January 31, 2023

Shakesphere/Mahabharata Project

Thu November 3 - Tue November 8, 2022


Our latest production BHOOMI ,directed by Vinaya Kumar toured Maharashtra in November 2022.

Tue April 5 - Tue May 3, 2022

Remembering Veenapani Festival 2022

Festival at Adishakti from 5th April to 3rd June 2022

Fri January 21 - Sun January 30, 2022

Source Of Performance Energy

10 day training by Adishakti Theatre

Sat December 11 - Sun December 12, 2021

Bhoomi in Karnataka

‘Bhoomi’, directed by Vinay Kumar, sees an attempted conversation between polar world’s or rather very different positions.
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Sun July 25 - Tue August 3, 2021

Source Of Performance Energy training

Wed June 23 - Fri July 2, 2021

Source of Performance Energy Residential Training

Thu March 4 - Sat March 13, 2021

Source Of Performance Energy Residential Training

Sun April 5 - Sun April 12, 2020

Remembering Veenapani Festival 2020

Adishakti’s annual performance festival in memory of Veenapani’s life and work

Fri March 20 - Sun March 22, 2020

Dance Residency by Malavika Sarukkai

Dance Residency by Malavika Sarukkai

Mon March 9 - Sun March 15, 2020

Sound Healing Training 2020

Principles and Concepts of Therapeutic Music & Sound Healing