Nimmy Raphel

NImmy Raphel 01Nimmy Raphel studied Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi dance in Kerala Kalamandalam from 1995-2001 which she has performed all over India. She is currently a resident actor, dancer, musician, and puppeteer at Adishakti, practicing its methodology of theatre since 2001. Nimmy has performed with Adishakti in Brhannala and Ganapati at various venues both, national and international. She also performs in Adishakti’s The Hare and The Tortoise and Rhinoceros. From 2008 she has been operating lights for Impressions of Bhima.

Nimmy disseminates Adishakti’s performance method which relate the tantric centres in the body to movement behaviour and psychological and vocal expression, through workshops held at Adishakti. In 2010 Nimmy received the APPEX Fellowship, which took her to Bali for a period of a month. Nimmy Raphael collaborated with Indonesian dancer Sardono W. Kusumo to create a theatre production called Rama, Hanuman, Rawana which premiered in Adishakti. The production also went to The International Conference on Ramayana: Reinterpretation in Asia in Singapore.

She In 2012 she was part of a exchange programme held in Korea between Adishakti and Performing group Tuida. As part of Adishakti’s three-year Ramayana Project, in 2011 she created a play called Nidrawathwam which she wrote, directed, and performed in. She was also part of Natyanubhava, directed by Sharada Ramanathan. Nimmy was also the recipient of the Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture for the year of 2012-13. She is currently performing in the play The Tenth Head directed by Veenapani Chawla, and in Veenapani’s next production, Sita.


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