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To pause and reflect, to walk under the burning sun contemplating fall. Can heroes afford it? What happens when centrepiece heroes of two polar civilizations, of mythical glory, find congruency and conundrum in a liminal realm? He-rose is an expansion of this moment, this shared emotional space of thought, realisation, epiphany and the experience of it. Seen through the identity vessels that are Arjuna and Achilles.

Cast and Credits

Written by Nimmy Raphel

Directed by Vinay Kumar
and Assisted by Arnaud Guennad

Performers: Julie Cecchini, Mathilde Briet, Marius Pinson, Elsa Fafin, Nimmy Raphel, Meedhu Miriyam, Sooraj S

Music Arranged, Composed and Performed by Lolie Mortreux 

Lights Designed and Performed by Calliste Lestra 

Costumes Designed by Canelle Charlanes 

Scenography by François Landureau