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Residencies & Workshops

A residency at Adishakti can be an ideal platform for you to have cultural exchanges and creative interactions, not only with Adishakti but also with the cultural communities that abound around us. You can do a residency as a solo performer or with your group. You could develop new work or rehearse existing pieces. Adishakti is the ideal place for you to organise a residency to meet artists from varied genres and disciplines. The three and a half acre campus is lush green, quiet and totally conducive to creativity.

To book our space for your residency, workshop, seminar, festival or performance, feel free to contact us.

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We have a fully equipped indoor theatre, outdoor amphitheatre and several rehearsal spaces where you could schedule your timings for practice or on-floor exercises. Besides, we have several areas designed for meaningful interactions, discussions and meetings or just a friendly chatter set amidst lush surroundings.

Living spaces

There are several heritage style guesthouses and a guest cottage- 14 rooms in all, double occupancy. All homes have wifi, a kitchenette, friendly housekeepers and laundry service. The Laurie baker’s mud construction methods ensures that you have a pleasant stay in all seasons.

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Recreational spaces

Apart from the abundance of nature and open spaces, we also have a fully equipped gym, a salt water swimming pool with ultraviolet filtration and an extensive library.

Wholesome Food

The food is home grown and home cooked on wood-fire stoves. The milk is from our cows. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared in our community kitchen, is made in the local style. It is low-fat and nutritious in content.

Neighbouring Spaces

Just next door, is the Hindustan Kalarigram where they practice and teach Kalaripayattu, a martial art from Kerala, tantric yoga, meditation and provide ayurvedic healing and a variety of massages.

There is Svaram, which designs and makes innovative musical instruments and exports them all over the world. These and many others are open to interactions and collaborations.

Past Residencies and Workshops


19.03.19 to 24.03.19 – “Sound Healing Residency” for the third consecutive year, organized by Svaram Musical Centre, Auroville.

15.02.19 to 15.04.19 – Catriona Mitchell and Jan Russell, dancers from Germany were on a three month residency.

2.02.19 to 10.02.19 – “Surya Soul Dance Retreat” organized by Surya Soul. Dancers from all over the world participated.

25.01.19 to 28.01.19 – “Churning Waters” residency. Churning waters is an Indo-Australian collaboration that re-imagines water future and climate change through dance, music and storytelling. It bring together respected cultural leaders and world renowned artists and performers from India and Australia.

10.12.18 to 9.03.19 – a three month “Arts- based philosophy residency” where writers, theatre directors and musicians from all over the world participated. The residency was organized by Susanne Valerie Granzer, professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and Arno Boehler, who teaches philosophy at the University of Vienna and in association with the University of Vienna, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

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21.11.18 to 29.11.18 – MeDiClown workshop “Heal-arity” organized by MeDi Clown Academy, Auroville.

4.11.18 to 18.11.18 – “Dum Pukht” writer’s residency at its campus for the third consecutive year. The residency was organized by Pune based writer Pervin Saket and Anil Menon.

12.07.18 to 14.07.18 – Adishakti hosted a three day residency organized by the United States – India Educational Foundation.

03.05.18 to 06.05.18 – a four day master class by Padma Shri. Leela Samson, organized by Gramsci Foundation.

18.03.2018 to 27.03.2018 – the “Integral Sound Healing Program” for the second consecutive time, organized by Svaram Musical Instruments and Research, Auroville.

23.01.2018 to 03.02.2018 – a twelve day residency by a German dancer/choreographer/actor, Felix Matthias Ott in association with Sandbox Collective which resulted in the premier of their new work “Ramanaya” at Adishakti’s Remembering Veenapani Festival.

17.01.2018 to 21.01.2018 – hosted the five day dance workshop “5 Rhythms” at its campus. Dancers from Auroville and different parts of the world where part of it. The workshop was organized by Joke Van Hoye.


03.12.17 to 17.12.17 – Adishakti hosted a two week “Dum Pukth Writers Residential
Workshop” at its campus for the second consecutive time which was organized by Pervin Saket
and Anil Menon.

16.11.17 – Lail Arad (UK) & JF Robitaille (Canada) performed their recent collaboration “We Got It Coming” as well as featured brand new songs and favorites from their respective solo.

08.09.17 to 10.09.17 – United States – India Educational Foundation organized a three day
residency with a group of students from America and India.

13.07.17 to 22.07.17 – “Cultural Translations Project workshop in India”, a collaborative project between South Africa, Amsterdam and India which was organized by Sara Matchett, Senior Lecturer – University of Cape Town’s Drama Department.

17.04.17 to 26.04.17 – a ten day intensive theatre workshop „The memory of…!“ conducted by German-Syrian actress and theatre director, Corrine Jaber. The workshop was organized by Goethe- Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai.

02.04.17 – “Tales of Twenty Dodgy Fingers” was performed at the Adishakti theatre by Maya Oliva and Karoliina Loimaala which was the result of their three months residency at Adishakti.

07.02.17 – About ten Theatre Artists and Dancers from Brussels were on a month-long
residency at Adishakti.

17.01.2017 – 22.01.2017 – Adishakti hosted the Integral Sound Healing Training, India’s first comprehensive sound healing training at its campus organized by Svaram Sound Healing Centre, Auroville.

10.01.2017 – 10.02.2017 – Rathi Menon, a writer from Kerala on a month long residency.

27.12.16 – 13.01.17 – Shanti Pillai a professor from the California State University, Long Beach, USA brought six of the University students for a two week residency program. As part of the
residency the students also took part in Adishakti’s Source of Performance Energy Workshop.


4.12.16 – 18.12.16 – Adishakti hosted the Dum Pukht Fiction Workshop. It is a two-week, in-residence, creative-writing workshop for experienced fiction writers looking to take their skills to the next level. The workshop was organized by Pervin Saket and Anil Menon.

01.05.16 – Nakul Bhalla a former workshop participant was on a month long residency at

28.06.16 – Kiyomi Mehta an Inlaks Theatre Awardee from Mumbai was on residency at
Adishakti for a year.

01.06.16 – Ria Jogy a recently graduated Mass Media student from St. Xavier’s College Mumbai was on a three month internship at Adishakti.

01.05.16 – Kirtana Kumar a trained Jazz musician from Bangalore was on a three month residency at Adishakti to teach music for Adishakti artists.

10.02.16 – 28.03.16 – Adishakti hosted a two month long dance residency by a dance school from Brussels called PARTS at its campus. Twelve dancers from PARTS and twelve Indian dancers participated in this dance residency.

01.01.16 – 08.01.16 – Tamur Tohver a Director, Actor and Teacher from Estonia, Europe was on residency at Adishakti.

06.01.16- 09.01.16 – Writers Giles Hazelgrove and Giraud stayed at Adishakti
2016 – Yosup Bae, an Artistic Director from South Korea theatre company Tuida  did a year-long residency.


  • Composer Nigel Osborne and two of his trainees were on residency at Adishakti.
  • Clowns Sans Frontieres, a clown theatre group from France were on week’s Residency.
  • Binding Light Collaboratory Residency Program with Scottish Dance Theatre
  • Preliminary for a major International Collaborative work is initiated in partnership
    with famous theatre director Tim Supple.

Charlott Lihnell, a Swedish performer studying Kalaripayattu and Ottamthullal was on residency for one year at Adishakti, learning the craft from the Adishakti actors.

2012 – South Korean Theatre Company, Tuida on a one month residency.

2010-2012 – Contemporary dancer Sujata Goel’s two year residency towards the creation of her work: Dancing Girl.

2010 – Theatre director from Stanford University, USA, on a month long residency to study Adishakti’s performance methodology. On which she subsequently wrote. The document is appended.

2009 – Sangam House Writers Residency

2009 – Sangam House Writers Residency


  • Risha Lee from Columbia University on a 6 month residency to work towards her
    PhD in South Asian Art History.
  • Astride Grossgasteiger residency to research for her Master thesis on performing
    arts, supervised by Prof Michael Gissenwehrer and Prof Dr Matthias S. Laubscher.
  • Sangam House Residency
  • Title of thesis ‘Fur ein hybrids Theatre. Theatre und kulturelle Identitiat – am
    Beispiel der postcolonial – indischen Theatregruppe Adishakti.’
  • Film maker Lucia King on a residency to make her film To Part and Return with
    Adishakti actor Vinay Kumar and in collaboration with Veenapani Chawla.

2007 & 2006 – Rehearsals of Tim Supple’s The Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

2007 – Asia Link Fellow, Dancer Ragini Devi.

2006 – Asia Link Fellow, Musician Tim Dragaville.

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