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Training Programs for Children

Over the years, we have explored the possibilities of applying our performance methodologies to complement school curriculum-related work at several educational institutions. We have conducted several workshops in this regard, and have received excellent positive feedback.

Some of the elements of our training methodology could be of great value in complementing existing educational programmes in the following manner:

Focusing and Learning through Martial Arts
Physical activity plays an important role in the overall well being of children. Training in the ancient martial art form of Kerala Kalaripayattu helps in focusing and learning. It helps children to explore the possibilities offered by their physical body and their mind. It also trains them to concentrate which is a key element in education.

Playing Rhythm to Develop Togetherness
Music is very important for young children, as it is for all of us. It plays a very important role in assisting the development of mental faculties. Playing music together helps in developing social skills and build a sense of belonging. Children learn to work together and bond together as they make music together. Playing a rhythm together creates joy and vitality. Music is fun and there is no pressure of doing it right or wrong. This encourages children to nurture their individuality.

Story-Telling to Encourage the Ability to Speak and Listen
Story-telling encourages children to take an imaginative journey. It helps children’s minds to travel to special places, and to develop the ability to support and argue for the validity and logic of stories that they create, thereby enhancing reasoning and communication skills. Listening to other’s stories encourages children to listen and also is an enjoyable exercise!

Playing in the Mud and Planting Seeds for the Future
This exercise involves preparing a small patch of ground where children can play and dig and experience the joy of cultivation. This helps develop a respect for the importance of food, and most importantly, it helps them to reconnect with the earth, rather than the cement and tile floors that they are accustomed to.

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Community Outreach

As a theatre institution rooted in the ethos of its indigenous treasures, Adishakti has always fostered a rich connection with children living in communities in its adjoining villages.

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